we make the audio plugins,
                      you make the music...

Download free evaluation (demo) versions of the audio plugins here.  Please try the demo version before buying the full version to make sure that the plugin will work properly on your system.

System requirements:
Demo limitations: The evaluation (demo) versions will run for a few minutes then output silence. To restart, simply turn it off, then back on. Otherwise, the demo versions are identical to the full version.

Installation: To install, download the .zip file.  It should automatically create a .pkg file. Double click on the .pkg file to run the installer, then follow the instructions. If the .pkg file is not automatically created, you may have to double-click the .zip file, or use some third-party software to uncompress the .zip file. If your web browser does not automatically download the .zip file, you may have to right-click on the file, then select "save as..."





User manuals: The following user manuals are available...

clipIT user manual.pdf

colorIT user manual.pdf

divideIT user manual.pdf

screamIT user manual.pdf

End User License Agreement (EULA):  The EULA can be downloaded here.  Please read it as it applies to all SjurSound audio plugin products. The evaluation (demo) versions of the plugins may be copied and distributed freely.