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SjurSound has partnered with share*it!, a Digital River company, for its e-commerce services.  When you buy a SjurSound product, share*it! will handle the transaction, accept your payment and provide the product to you.  Share*it! is one of the best and well known companies for providing global e-commerce solutions and will provide excellent service to our customers.
Before buying: It is recommended to go to the downloads page and intstall the demo version to make sure it works on your system and of course is what you want.  When you buy the full version and install it, the demo version will be overwritten.

System requirements:
Installation: When you download the .zip file from share*it!, it should automatically create a .pkg file. Double click on the .pkg file to run the installer, then follow the instructions. If the .pkg file is not automatically created, you may have to double-click the .zip file, or use some third-party software to uncompress the .zip file. If your web browser does not automatically download the .zip file, you may have to right-click on the file, then select "save as..."

Purchasing: Click on the product below to purchase it.  This will take you to the share*it website to complete the transaction.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: share*it! may automatically include their "Extended Download Service" in your shopping cart for an additional fee.  You are not required to purchase this service.  If you do not want the service, you must remove it from your shopping cart before submitting the order.

Products list (click on product name to buy it):

SjurSound clipIT

SjurSound colorIT

SjurSound divideIT

SjurSound screamIT