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If you have problems or questions, first take a look below at our FAQs.  If you can't find the answer there, then try the following:

Order status and problems with your order: please consult the share*it! Customer Care Center

Product and other general questions: send an email to info@sjursound.com

Technical support issues: send an email to support@sjursound.com

For more information about SjurSound: read about us

Q. How do you pronounce SjurSound?
It is pronounced sure sound.

Q. Does SjurSound offer audio plugins in other formats such as VST and RTAS?
A. At this time only plugins in the Audio Unit (AU) format for the Intel-based Mac platform are offered.  Plans are in place to develop plugins in other formats and for other platforms.

Q. How can I be sure that the SjurSound audio plugin will work on my system?
The best way to know is to download the demo version and try it.  The demo versions are identical to the full version except the output turns off after several minutes.  So, if the demo version works, the full version will work.

Q. After a few minutes, the sound stops.  What's going on?
A. The SjurSound demo versions of the plugins will output silent after about 3 minutes.  To restart the demo plugin, turn it off, then back on.  This limitation is removed in the full version of plugins.

Q. How do I uninstall a plugin?
. Open Finder and select the Macintosh HD device.Then navigate to the /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/ folder.  Click on the plugin you wish to uninstall and move it to the Trash.

Q. After installing a plugin, it does not show up in my host audio software. What should I do?
Open Finder and select the user's main folder. Then navigate to the /Library/Caches/ folder.  Select the file named com.apple.audiounits.cache and move it to the Trash.  The next time you start your host audio software, it should rescan all audio plugins and the new plugins should now be visible.

Q. I received my credit card statement and it lists a purchase from share*it! (Digital River).  What is this?
We have partnered with share*it!, a Digital River company, as a reseller of SjurSound software products.  Since share*it! handles the orders and payment transactions, their name appears on your credit card statement.  Be assured, you are receiving genuine SjurSound products.

Frequently Asked Questions